Determining Child Custody in ...

Determining Child Custody in Columbia

Determining child custody is a difficult process, as conflicting interests often come into play. These can affect negotiation proceedings, making matters even more difficult. To help simplify this matter, South Carolina law mandates that all custody-related issues be resolved in a child's best interests.

If parents seeking a divorce cannot reach an agreement on the terms and nature of custody, they will have to see the matter resolved in Columbia's family court. The court will take a number of factors into account to determine custody or visitation schedules. The benefits of living with a parent, or the risks posed in spending time with another, often have a strong influence on determining who will maintain custody of the child.

Key components in determining custody include:

  • The child's medical needs
  • The child's emotional maturity
  • Indication of domestic violence
  • Indication of physical or sexual abuse
  • The child's preference for a parent

Whether any or all of these factors are taken into consideration when determining custody, the decision will always fall in favor of your child's well-being. Our attorneys can help you draw up favorable terms that will benefit both you and your child. Fill out a case evaluation form to begin discussing your case with a qualified professional.

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Regardless of your situation, you do not have to go into a custody negotiation alone. Our Columbia divorce lawyers have more than 20 years of cumulative experience in family law, and have helped numerous clients reach favorable terms of negotiation in the divorce process. We care about your case and can work to protect your rights, ensure your child's welfare, and help you reach a beneficial resolution to your custody discussion. Contact our firm, Masella Law Firm, P.A., to speak with a professional about your case.

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