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Child Custody Tips for Fathers

As a father in the middle of divorce, you may be concerned about your standing in your child's life. Child custody is difficult to fight for when you feel like everyone is against you simply ...
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Tips for Summer Vacation & Child Custody Plans

Child custody can be complicated, but it becomes ever so complex in the event of summer and vacation time. During this time of year, your child is likely off from school and is therefore going to have ...
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Can Unemployment Be Taken for Child Support?

In South Carolina and the rest of the country, parents are obligated to financially support their children, even if they were never married. Usually, child support is ordered in a paternity action, a ...
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Common Child Custody Issues Parents Face during Divorce

Child custody is one of the most highly contested issues parents face during divorce, simply because each parent feels he or she knows what's best for the child in question. This highly emotional ...
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Should a Child be a Witness in a South Carolina Family Hearing?

On occasions it's useful to find out the views of a child in a family proceeding in South Carolina, a scenario which could involve the child testifying in court. However, this is a sensitive area. ...
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Woman is Accused of Abducting Daughter from South Carolina 20 Years Ago

A case in which a woman has been arrested in Australia on charges of abducting her infant daughter from South Carolina 20 years ago has made headlines recently. Dorothy Lee Barnett wants to be ...
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Ex-Wife of South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford Seeks To Limit Child Visitation

The breakdown of the marriage of former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford made headlines across the nation at the time. The episode also illustrates how family law disputes don't always end ...
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Determining Child Custody in Columbia

Determining child custody is a difficult process, as conflicting interests often come into play. These can affect negotiation proceedings, making matters even more difficult. To help simplify this ...
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