Workers' Compensation Benefits

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Workers' Compensation Benefits

Columbia Workers' Compensation Attorney

Have you have been injured while performing regular job duties at work? If so, then you should be eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits. Unlike many other forms of injury cases, liability is not a primary concern in your workers' comp case, which is to say that you are eligible for benefits regardless if you, a coworker, or your employer is found at fault. Due to the fact that accepting workers' comp benefits eliminates your right to sue your employer in court, you will want to ensure that you are going to receive all the benefits you need to cover your damages and to be comfortable and healthy.

At Masella Law Firm, P.A., our Columbia workers' compensation lawyers can review your case and offered workers' comp benefits with professional care and attention. Since 1998, our team has been either taking steps necessary to get our clients the full range of benefits they require or taking their employers to court to seek compensation that way. Whatever the best legal solution is for you after your workplace accident, we want to be the ones to help you find it.

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Workers' Comp Benefits Available to You in South Carolina

Every state has its own specific set of rules governing workers' compensation, albeit none vary too greatly from the next.

In South Carolina, workers' compensation benefits should pay for:

  • Medical treatments and rehabilitation
  • Wages lost during time of disability
  • Recurring payments if disability or damage is permanent

Workers' compensation benefits can trigger as soon as just seven days of your inability to work due to injury. If your injury disables you for more than two weeks, you can receive payments to make up for missing work starting on the actual day of the accident. In South Carolina, a disease caused by a workplace hazard (industrial chemicals at construction sites, airborne pathogens in hospitals, etc.) is also considered an injury.

Basic workers' compensation financial benefits should be:

  • 66.66% of your average weekly salary (not to exceed 100% of South Carolina's mean average weekly salary).
  • Up to 500 weeks of compensation for total disability or death of a family member.

Professional Legal Guidance Through a Complicated System

Receiving workers' compensation benefits is not guaranteed, no matter how traumatic your injury or how many people witnessed it happen. Employers and their insurance companies sometimes need a stern reminder that they have an obligation to take care of you. This is where our Columbia workers' compensation attorneys step in, protect you from mistreatment, and fight vigorously on your behalf. If it appears that workers' comp benefits will not be enough for you to get back on your feet, then we can discuss taking your case to court to demand a fair settlement – whatever it takes to get results.

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