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Possession of a Fake ID


A fake ID is any form of identification that is forged, altered, or otherwise claims to establish the false identity of a person. Some fake IDs are created by taking a photo of oneself and printing an imitation state driver's license on a computer. This is tantamount to fraud since a valid license must be issued by a government agency.

Many young people choose to obtain and use a fake ID at some point in order to attempt to purchase alcohol or gain access to a bar. However, this seemingly minor crime can have serious consequences.

What are the punishments for having a fake ID?

Being caught with a fake ID can result in a Class I misdemeanor. This can cause a person to lose their driver's license for 90 days, pay up a $100 fine, and spend 30 days in jail for the first offense. A second offense results in a similar punishment but with driver's license suspension for 6 months.

Additionally, having a driver's license altered in any way is a much bigger fine of up to $2,500, along with 6 months in jail and a 90 day license suspension for a first offense. It is also illegal to give false information to a clerk about a person's age in order to purchase alcohol. Giving false information to a law enforcement officer can result in a $200 fine or 30 days in jail.

Masella Law Firm, PA has over 15 years of experience defending those charged with criminal offenses including possessing a fake ID. The consequences of a conviction should be taken seriously since they can inhibit a person's ability to attend college or find a job. Get a Columbia criminal attorney right away to start work on finding a solution to a legal problem.

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