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Visitation Rights for Grandparents in Columbia, SC

In all 50 U.S. states, grandparents have the right to seek visitation of their grandchildren. Whether one of the parents died or if the couple filed for divorce, one or both sets of grandparents may be unfairly denied access to their grandchildren. If the court rules that it is in the best interests of the child for the grandparents to have a role in the child's life, then the judge may issue a court order awarding reasonable visitation privileges.

The courts will, however, always defer to the parents and will be reluctant to interfere with how they choose to raise the child. The grandparents will have to be able to prove that granting them visitation rights will not interfere with the child's relationship with the own parents and that they would not engage in actions which could cause parental alienation. What frequently makes these cases so difficult is the fact that the grandparents' relationship with the custodial parent is often troubled—the underlying cause of the visitation dispute—and overcoming the objections of the parent can be a significant challenge.

How to Protect Your Rights

If you are being unfairly denied the right to visit with your grandchildren, please do not hesitate to contact us for knowledgeable legal counsel and experienced representation. We can examine every aspect of your case and will seek to do what is best for you and your grandchildren. You can improve your chances of success in the situation by gathering photographs, receipts, and any other proof of your past relationship with your grandchildren and how you have contributed to their upbringing. The courts are more likely to grant you visitation rights if you can demonstrate a history of having a healthy relationship with the children and parents. No matter how complex you believe your situation to be, we are ready to help you.

Can you adopt your grandchild in Columbia?

In the event that neither parent is fit to care for the child, the Department of Social Services may intervene to remove them from the home and could even place them up for adoption. The subsequent termination of parental rights would most likely put an end to your visitation rights as well, so you must take immediate action to prevent this outcome. We may be able to help you secure custodianship or even carry out an adoption, by demonstrating that you are capable of providing for all the children's needs.

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