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Drug Trafficking Charges

Columbia, South Carolina Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug trafficking is often regarded as the worst form of drug crime on record, and the criminal justice system of South Carolina will be eager to back that belief by hitting you with heavy consequences upon conviction. Let our Columbia attorneys enter the courtroom and represent you when you are facing drug trafficking charges.

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Consequences of Drug Trafficking Convictions

South Carolina law enforcement often make the automatic assumption that if someone is moving or distributing controlled substances, they must have a connection with others within and without the state who do the same. This is to say that you may be suspected of being in a drug cartel or criminal organization that specializes in the illegal trafficking of drugs. The prosecution will use this assumption to fuel their argument, pushing for maximum penalties to be used against you, effectively making you an example to drug runners across the state.

A drug trafficking conviction could include:

  • Years in prison with lengthy minimum sentencing
  • Thousands in fines, upwards of tens of thousands
  • Extensive probationary period after sentencing completion

Substance and Amount Make a Difference

Being accused of trafficking a small amount of marijuana is not much like being accused of trafficking a large amount of cocaine. Although the underlying charge – drug trafficking – is identical, the charges and penalties will vary significantly. South Carolina will increase the severity of your charges if the drug in question appears to be more harmful, such as heroin compared to a prescription drug, or was found in vast quantities. It should be noted that all drug trafficking crimes are based on a quantity of a substance that could "reasonably be used for moving" that substance but this amount also varies from one drug type to the next.

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It is through no attempt to frighten or intimidate you that we say that the clock is not on your side after you have been arrested for drug trafficking in South Carolina. We must merely remind you that the prosecution is already gathering evidence to use against you in court, and so, you must begin to do the same in your defense. Get our Columbia lawyers on your side today to even the scales.

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