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Columbia Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Why hire us for your child's juvenile crime case?

There are many attorneys in Columbia who would be happy to take on the challenge of defending your child on juvenile crime charges, so why should you choose Masella Law Firm, P.A.? Because our team has a wealth of legal experience, and we know how to effectively defend even the most challenging cases. Our lead attorney has prosecuted crimes as a solicitor in the local courts, and has even served as a judge. With this background, we are prepared to fight for your child's rights and to defend your family against the devastating long term negative consequences you face.

Contact us now for help. The actions you take at the beginning of the case can have a major impact on the final outcome, and we are ready to begin work on your child's defense immediately.

Statistics About Juvenile Crime in Columbia

According to the Department of Juvenile Justice, the five most common juvenile offenses statewide in 2011 were assault and battery, shoplifting, public disorderly conduct, disturbing schools and simple possession of marijuana-these crimes were also the most widespread in Richland County in the same period. The DJJ further reports having processed a total of 18,114 cases, 3,179 of which resulted in detention and 14,935 of which were either dismissed or sent to a diversion program such as Pre-Trial Intervention or the Alcohol Education Program. A total of 9,980 cases moved forward to prosecution, with 4,542 individuals being placed on probation.

Defending Your Child's Future

The consequences of a conviction-which is referred to in juvenile cases as an "adjudication of delinquency"-could include commitment to a detention center for a period of months or years, with the possibility of later transfer to an adult correctional center to complete the terms of the sentence.

It is also possible in some cases to secure probation or a diversion program, but the best possible outcome is a dismissal of the charges or an acquittal at trial. Your child has all the same rights as an adult, including the right to remain silent and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Let us stand by you as the case progresses, defending your child's rights and fighting to get your child out of the hands of the justice system as quickly as possible.

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