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Robbery Crimes

Columbia Attorneys for Robbery Cases

Robbery is one of the most serious forms of theft crimes, as it involves the physical action of taking property from a person who is present, rather than an empty location such as in burglary or an item off a shelf such as in shoplifting. The South Carolina criminal justice system is notorious for penalizing those accused of robbery to the full extent of the law. If you are looking at a possible conviction, you need to act fast to protect your name, your future, and your rights.

At Masella Law Firm, P.A., our Columbia theft crime lawyers can be your legal guides in your time of need. We have more than two decades' worth of legal and trial experience spent defending clients throughout the state and from a variety of criminal accusations.

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Robbery Compared to Strong Arm Robbery

South Carolina categorizes robbery into different subgroups, depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident and arrest. Standard robbery is actually somewhat rare, as it involves taking an item forcefully and without consent but also without any threat of violence or intimidation. Strong arm robbery is more common in this regard, as it is the forceful stealing of an item from a person with an element of danger or fear.

Strong arm robbery is a felony, and can carry penalties like:

  • One year or more in prison
  • Thousands in fines to state
  • Restitution paid to alleged victim
  • Lengthy probation if released early

What is Armed Robbery?

If a robbery allegedly took place with the use of a weapon that could inflict injury or death, it is considered an armed robbery. Some weapons commonly named in armed robbery records include firearms, knives, bludgeons, and even vehicles. Armed robbery is considered in most cased to be a class C felony in South Carolina. If convicted, the sentencing will likely include several years in prison with no chance of parole; imprisonment could also be extended to 20 years.

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