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How Does a DUI Conviction Affect College Applications & Scholarships?


Filling out college applications can be one of the most significant things you'll do as a young person. There is a lot on the line and numerous things can affect the final decision made by the admissions department. While your GPA and time spent volunteering is important, there may be one thing you've failed to consider – your criminal history.

Colleges look for potential students who exhibit responsible decision-making skills and maturity. A decision you made in your past, like drinking as a minor with friends, may come back to haunt you when it's time to submit your applications.

Can a DUI conviction prevent me from getting accepted?

There are certainly worse things than a DUI conviction, but it shouldn't be dismissed entirely. College applications usually ask the applicant to be forthcoming about their criminal history and a background check will reveal even more. Some schools choose to deny students because of a past DUI conviction.

It may, however, depend on other pieces of information, as well. Did you complete an alcohol counseling program? Did you comply with the terms of your conviction? Good behavior can cause a college or university to accept you despite a prior conviction.

Furthermore, a DUI conviction may also hurt your chances of being approved for scholarships and financial aid. A felony DUI can eliminate you from the running altogether, while a misdemeanor may be treated less harshly. If there are other candidates without a criminal history, a conviction can cause you to lose your chances.

It is important to be honest on your applications. Lying about a DUI conviction is much more serious than admitting that you have one on your record and can only hurt your chances in the long run. If you were recently arrested and are considering simply accepting the penalties, our firm urges you to think twice. Fighting your charges is the best way to possibly avoid a conviction and protect your future.

The right time to take action is right now. Schedule your personal intial consultation with our Columbia DUI lawyers today!

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