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How Divorce Affects Men & Women in Different Ways


While we are all aware divorce can have a negative effect on everyone involved, many studies over the years have concluded that men and women are affected differently. The dissolution of a marriage is a tragic thing for anyone involved, and except in rare cases, no two parties are both completely thrilled to being what may be a very emotionally and financially draining process.

Despite overwhelming evidence, many people still hold the untrue belief that the woman in the marriage is far more likely to be saddened at the end of a relationship--though sometimes this can be the case, it isn't always true. Certain aspects of divorce affect women more than they do men, and vice versa. No relationship can adhere exactly to every single stereotype or mold in society, there are definitely certain instances in which generalizations can be conclusive.

The following are the ways divorce may affect men and women differently:

  • Emotionally – According to studies, women are far more likely to better adjust emotionally post-divorce. This may be because women are far more in tune with their emotions than men, and this is why women so often request a divorce in the first place. While men may be under the impression everything is fine, women are more likely to point out the negatives and inconsistencies of a relationship and thus come to the conclusion it should end. When it comes time for divorce, men are then less prepared for the emotional impact that inevitably follows.
  • Financially – Divorce can be a shocking lifestyle change because a home may go from being dual-income to one, or even none. Women are likely to suffer far more when it comes to finances than men, because the standard still holds that women are more likely to be in charge of child care or other home-related activities, while men are still likely to make more money. At the end of a marriage, women have a harder time adjusting to the loss of their partner's income.
  • Socially – Whether you are a man or a woman, finding yourself single again is no easy feat. Depending on how many years you've been married, you may not have ever expected to be in the dating pool once more. However, despite the unfair balance, women are more likely to be stigmatized once divorced than men, especially single mothers. Men are also more likely to getting married time and time again, as they crave that intimacy and a male divorcee has an easier time in the world of dating.

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