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Workers’ Compensation: Jobs That Are Hard on Your Back


Working can strain many parts of your body, but none more so than your back. Whether you are lifting heavy objects or spending long hours hunched over in a chair, you can put stress and strain on your spine. There is no doubt that certain professions take their toll on our backs.

This article explores some occupations known for the toll they take on workers’ backs.

Construction Work

Construction workers face a high risk of back injuries on the job. The physical demands of heavy lifting, repetitive motions, and awkward positions can cause strain and injury. This impact results in pain, mobility issues, and lost work time.

Proper lifting techniques and back support can help prevent back injuries, but many workers do not receive sufficient training or have access to such equipment.

In addition, tight schedules and demanding deadlines may encourage workers to push their physical limits and work through pain, further increasing the risk of injury.

Nursing and Other Healthcare Positions

Nurses spend long hours on their feet. Often, they must lift and transfer heavy patients. Performing repetitive tasks also contributes to the risk of injury.

Nurses and orderlies must remember to take preventative measures to protect their backs. Practicing proper lifting techniques and taking sufficient rest breaks can help them avoid a life-altering injury.

Warehouse Work

Warehouse work can be physically demanding, requiring employees to regularly lift and move heavy objects. This repetitive motion and heavy lifting can significantly strain the back, leading to potential injuries and discomfort. In fact, back injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries reported in warehouse settings.

Such injuries can range from minor strains to more serious issues, such as herniated discs. Employers can help prevent these injuries with proper lift technique training and regular breaks to prevent fatigue.

Surgery and Dentistry

Surgeons and dentists are highly skilled professionals who work tirelessly to save lives and maintain oral health. However, the nature of their job comes with a high risk of back injuries. They spend long hours standing in awkward positions, leaning over the patient to provide surgery or dental care. This puts considerable strain on their back muscles, which can lead to chronic pain and injuries.

These specialists can use ergonomic tools to help protect their frames, and maintaining proper body alignment also helps.

Gardening and Landscaping

Like many other professions on this list, gardening and landscaping also involve heavy lifting, repetitive motions, and extended periods of bending, kneeling, or squatting. These activities, when done improperly, can lead to muscle strains, back spasms, herniated discs, and other serious back injuries.

Gardeners and landscapers can help protect themselves by warming up, using proper lifting techniques, wearing supportive footwear, and taking regular breaks. A little extra care before and during work can go a long way in preventing back injuries.

Truck Driving

Trucking can be a dangerous profession in the best of times, taking a toll on a driver's mental and physical health. The long hours behind the wheel can be taxing, and there is the strain of constantly loading and unloading cargo.

Truck drivers are at a high risk for back injuries caused by sitting for extended periods or lifting heavy items. Even small bumps in the road can exacerbate underlying strains and lead to more serious conditions like herniated discs.

How Retail Workers Can Suffer Back Injuries

The life of a retail worker can be physically demanding. They spend entire workdays on their feet, lifting and moving heavy boxes along with stocking shelves. This activity can lead to a wide range of health concerns, including back injuries.

Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can wreak havoc on the lower back, leading to pain, discomfort, and chronic injuries lasting long after a shift ends.

Getting Workers’ Compensation for Back Injuries in South Carolina

Sustaining a back injury on the job can be incredibly painful and debilitating. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are available to employees.

To start the workers’ compensation process, report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. From there, you must seek medical treatment from a doctor authorized to treat workers’ compensation injuries. Keep in mind that obtaining your benefits can be complex, so you should seek help from an experienced attorney.

Masella Law Firm, P.A. can help guide you through the red tap of workers’ comp. When you are ready to file for benefits, reach out to us online or call our office at (803) 938-4952.

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