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Kardashian and Humphries Divorce Moving Forward After a Year


Kim Kardashian is looking to have her divorced pushed through and eventually finalized, stating that it is holding her back and handcuffing her. The reality television star was married to Kris Humphries, an NBA player for the Brooklyn Nets, back in August of 2011. Kardashian shocked everyone, including her then husband when she came out to the media 72 days later, stating that the couple was still friends but that after consideration she had chosen to bring her marriage to an end. The couple disagreed on the terms of the divorce and has continued to face a battle to bring the relationship to a final ending. Kardashian believes the case should go through a standard divorce proceeding, while Humphries is seeking an annulment, believing the short relationship was a case of fraud to get ratings up on the reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" that follows around Kim and the rest of her family. Their wedding aired on E News, for viewers to tune in and watch the details of that day. It wasn't long after this airing that the Kim released her official divorce statement saying that there were irreconcilable differences.

The still legally married couple has each done their part in delaying the divorce process, hoping to have their point win out in the end. Kardashian has been busy with work that has made her unable to continue forward with the case, but Humphries has been delaying the process while he seeks to gather additional information that will strengthen his side. His lawyer has stated that he wants to have all relevant documents before he continues on. It is believed at this point that there is no chance for a settlement and the case is finally being set to go to court. A Superior Court Judge let the attorneys of both sides know that a case could be set in February to either annul or dissolve the relationship. The grounds for a divorce will differ depending on the state that the case is handled through.

In South Carolina, there are five options that are available to those looking to bring their marriage to an end. Some of these reasons include fault, taking into account if either spouse committed a wrongful action that could have led to the dissolution of the relationship. Reasons that are fault based include physical cruelty, a drug abuse problem, continually being drunk or committing adultery. The other reason that can be considered valid by the court is the separation of a couple for a year or more. The court will not grant just anyone a divorce and they will want to see a valid reason to do so. For a couple that may have no fault grounds for their divorce, they will look to see that they have been apart for a substantial amount of time and are not making the decision out of impulse. To learn more about both a contested and an uncontested divorce, turn to a Columbia divorce lawyer from our team for qualified legal guidance.

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