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Actors Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas to Divorce After 18 Years


Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas were once seen as one of Hollywood's hottest couples.

Now they have shocked the world of entertainment by announcing their intention to divorce after 18 years of marriage.

Griffith, who made her name when she starred in the 1980s movie Working Girl, signed a divorce petition on May 30. She did not specify a separation date, according to an Associated Press report.

Media reports stated both actors were working hard and their hectic schedules left them apart for months on end.

Court documents reveal Griffith cited irreconcilable differences with her husband. The two actors married in 1996 and have a 17-year-old daughter together.

Reports stated Griffith, 56, is seeking spousal support but is willing to pay her own attorney fees. The couple originally worked together on the 1995 romantic comedy "Two Much." In 1999 Banderas, 53, directed Griffith in the film "Crazy in Alabama."

Most media reports described the split as being on good terms. The actors even released a joint statement saying they are terminating their relationship "in a loving manner honoring and respecting each other." Given the age of their daughter there will be no custody battle although one TMZ report suggested Griffith was angling for custody of the couple's three dogs.

There's plenty at stake in the divorce, though. The couple's combined fortune is cited at at least $50 million, and Banderas, 53, has made large amounts of money with international investments in real estate.

Not all celebrity divorces this year have been so amicable. Media reports said film-maker Michael Moore is mired in what Fox News described as a "vicious divorce" from his wife of 23 years, Kathleen Glynn.

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