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Can an Alcohol-Related Offense Affect College & Employment Opportunities?


For young people, alcohol is often the theme of parties and get-togethers. When wise decisions are made, there isn't much of a problem. Unfortunately, drinking significantly impairs your ability to think correctly and most decision-making skills go out the window. Minors who give into the temptation to drink with friends may find themselves dealing with consequences far into the future. Studies show that alcohol is a growing problem for today's youth, one that impacts more than just the here and now.

Alcohol-related offenses seem less serious than a basic DUI charge. For a minor, however, the consequences can be equally detrimental. Law enforcement is intentional about punishing minors who purchase, consume, or even carry alcohol. Charges can even occur because of public intoxication.

So what does all of this have to do with college and employment? Keep reading to find out.

What a Criminal Conviction Says About You

College and job applications are similar in that they're an evaluation of the person you are. Both potential employers and admissions counselors are looking for individuals they can trust to represent their organization well. A criminal conviction may cause them to think differently.

You may not have to include your criminal record on an application, but there is a good chance that a background check will reveal a lot about you. If the organization you're applying to sees that you were once convicted of an alcohol-related offense as a minor, it can change their opinion of you in a hurry. Such a conviction can indicate immaturity and irresponsibility, neither of which is welcomed in college or the workplace.

So before you take a sip of beer the next time you're out with friends, look ahead a few years and consider the impact it may have on your future. It's not worth it to risk tomorrow's opportunities for a brief moment of fun today. If you do find yourself arrested and facing penalties, it is imperative that you take action right away. Our firm has nearly 30 years of experience and may be able to defend you. Schedule a personal consultation with our Columbia DUI attorney today!

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