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Three People from South Carolina Are Accused of Running Fake Employer Scheme


White collar crimes don't always make the same kinds of headlines as crimes such as homicides and rapes that shock communities. However, the sanctions for white collar crimes can be very stiff.

This month The State reported on how three South Carolina residents have been arrested for allegedly fraudulently collecting unemployment insurance benefits.

The report referred to an alleged fictitious employer scheme involving three individuals "claiming to operate one or more companies in Richland and Lexington Counties," according to the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW).

Department spokesman Adrienne Fairwell said the companies were a means of reporting false wages to DEW. "Then one or more of the alleged co-conspirators would file a claim with DEW as a discharged employee using the fake wages to qualify for and collect unemployment benefits," the report stated.

The report said Diane B. Jordan, 53, of Chapin was the alleged ringleader of the scheme. She was arrested in January, according to Fairwell. Kimberly L. Szabo, 45, of Chapin, and James L. Walleshauser, 56, of Irmo were also arrested in January.

The report stated Jordan, Szabo and Walleshauser have also been accused of taking part in fraudulent activities, including registering five false employer accounts with DEW as well as fake wages paid to employees in order to collect unemployment benefits between 2002 and 2013.

The three defendants are accused of defrauding the state out of approximately $70,000 in unemployment benefits.

White-collar crimes always involve cash, and those who commit them are accused of using embezzlement, fraud, and various other schemes that make them wealthy through their victims' financial loss. It may also involve defrauding a government agency and the federal government has made fighting Medicare fraud a high priority in recent years.

White collar offenses are often prosecuted by federal law enforcement agencies, because they involve crimes such as credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, identity theft and internet crimes. Often they cross state lines. The Columbia office of the FBI lists white collar crimes as being one of its top targets for investigation and enforcement and two special squads are dedicated to fraud in general and health care fraud in particular. If you are charged with a white collar crime it's important to get legal representation fast. Our Columbia, SC white collar crime lawyers will represent you in any type of white collar crime case, including bribery, embezzlement, antitrust violations, forgery and mail fraud or counterfeiting activities, and are poised to take immediate action to represent you in these cases. Call Masella Law at 803.938.4952.

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