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Common Child Custody Issues Parents Face during Divorce


Child custody is one of the most highly contested issues parents face during divorce, simply because each parent feels he or she knows what's best for the child in question. This highly emotional situation can lead to plenty of stressful disagreements and drawn-out court proceedings, so it is important to come to somewhat of an agreement with your child's other parent. Doing so before you move forward in legal process will save you time, money, and a lot of future stress.

The following are common child custody issues parents face during divorce:

  • Decisions regarding the child's upbringing – Legal custody includes decision-making regarding the child's education, health, religious practices, and welfare. As these are some of the most controversial and serious life decisions, it is no wonder divorcing parents have a difficult time agreeing on them.
  • Access to the child – There is no wrong way to settle visitation. Some parents agree on a "week on, week off" system, while others settle with a 50/50 schedule. However, some parents may disagree about the child's primary residence, holidays, birthdays, school vacation, and weekends.
  • Access to information about the child – What kind of information and how it should be shared is vital for both parties to agree on, though it can be difficult. While each parent should have access to school and medical records, information such as parent/teacher conferences, doctor's appointments, report cards, and schedules needs to be discussed as well.
  • Uniformity of the homes – Agreeing on relatively similar house rules, curfews, chores, and more, will give your child stability during an incredibly unstable time. This will not only make your child happier, it will prevent any future arguments in either household.

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