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Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets? Here Are the Signs


During a divorce, you and your spouse may be very upset about the ending of your marriage. Very few divorces end amicably, which leads to many couples reacting with spite or bitterness. Some people withhold their finances from their spouse because they don't want to have to split them in the future. This is obviously an incredibly unfair practice--but it happens more often than you think. Remember to stay vigilant with your finances and don't allow yourself to be left behind, as you can never assume people are honest during a divorce.

The following are the 10 telltale signs your spouse is possibly hiding assets in the face of an impending divorce:

  • Maintaining control – One spouse should not have complete control of all financial assets. You should be able to access your finances just as easily as your spouse.
  • Secrecy – If your spouse is being secretive about financial matters or attempting to keep secrets from you, you deserve answers. Demand the information you deserve.
  • Private mail box – A private P.O. Box is never a good sign, and you should consult your Columbia divorce lawyer if you suspect your spouse has one.
  • Deleting computer programs – If your spouse's computer suddenly crashes or fails, it may be no accident.
  • Complaining about finances – Suddenly being vocal about his or her lack of finances may be a ruse.
  • Lifestyle/income discrepancies – Does your spouse complain about his or her financial situation, but seems to be living quite lavishly? This may be a sign of deceptiveness regarding finances.
  • Sudden account activity changes – If your bank account is suddenly lacking a significant amount of money, or if you are noticing any out of the ordinary charges, your spouse may be draining your account.
  • Demanding your signature – Don't sign anything without consulting your lawyer first, as you could be signing away certain things you are otherwise entitled to.
  • Gifting to family members or friends – Generous gifts that seem to come out of nowhere is a red flag you should keep an eye out for.
  • Activity overseas – If your spouse makes frequent trips to overseas, take notice. Consult your attorney and see if you will need to send a subpoena to any bank you suspect, and you can receive all necessary records.

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If you are concerned your spouse is hiding assets from you in the face of an impending divorce, you need to consult with an experienced Columbia divorce lawyer at your earliest convenience. With the help of our reliable and tenacious legal team at Masella Law Firm, you can rest assured you won't be cheated out of the finances you deserve. We pride ourselves on our investigative nature and will be your most valuable asset throughout this process.

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