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Online Dating Profiles Can Be Used as Evidence in Divorce


Whether you are married, separated, or going through a divorce, it is wise to fill out your online dating profiles as accurately as possible. When it comes to divorce proceedings, online dating profiles can be used as evidence in a case.

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), 59% of the top U.S. divorce lawyers have seen a significant rise in the number of cases using evidence taken from dating websites over the past few years. To be specific, the relationship status that distorts the truth is the most common piece of evidence.

The relationship status that distorts the truth include:

  • · Claims that a spouse is single when, in fact, the spouse is still married.
  • · Claims that a spouse has no children when, in fact, the spouse has one or more kids.
  • · Claims relating to salary
  • · Claims relating to occupation

In a divorce case, problems associated with dishonesty can come back to harm a spouse. For instance, a court can look at dishonest behavior as a negative factor regarding child custody options. If the dishonesty is something that could have a negative impact on a child’s life, a court could grant custody to the more honest parent. When it comes to property division, information provided on dating sites can present an ample amount of information about a spouse’s financial status.

In conclusion, keep your online activity at a minimum during a divorce, or else it will come back to harm you.

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