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Child Custody Tips for Fathers


As a father in the middle of divorce, you may be concerned about your standing in your child's life. Child custody is difficult to fight for when you feel like everyone is against you simply because you are the father. Despite common misconceptions, your rights as a father are not minimal--the laws have changed from what they once were. The courts understand fathers are just as important as mothers, as a child cannot fully develop or grow into a happy, healthy adult without the love, support, and time from both parents.

Before you begin the child custody process, you need to make sure you enter into it as positive and prepared as possible. If your relationship with your ex-partner is contentious, you have to be able to put all of that aside in the hopes of keeping your relationship with your child. Appearing as professional, cool, calm, and collected as you possibly can during all court proceedings will only help your cause.

Here are tips for fathers fighting for child custody:

  • Pay child support
  • Build a strong relationship
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Attend all important gatherings and school meetings
  • Make sure your home has a space for your child
  • Have a plan for living accommodations, education, after-school activities, and financial preparedness
  • Be respectful to the mother of your child
  • Be honest with what you can handle
  • Ask for advice or support if needed
  • Consider mediation

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With the help of a diligent and experienced Columbia lawyer such as ours of Masella Law Firm, P.A., you won't have to worry about being underrepresented as a father in a child custody case. We are dedicated to making sure children keep both parents in their lives, and we want to advocate for all fathers who feel hopeless in the face of divorce and child custody--you're not alone!

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