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Gray Divorce: Tips for Older Couples


No matter the age of the couple, divorce is never easy. It can be incredibly difficult to start over at a later age in life, however, because you probably didn't expect to have your world change so drastically so late in life. You have likely grown accustomed to the life you have lived with your partner, and you perhaps have a long family history with this person as well.

As an older couple, you still face the same challenges of any divorce, such as figuring our finances and trying to stay cordial. However, you will also face unique challenges, because you are no longer worried about child custody--you are instead concerned about moving on so late in life, finding love again, or even seeking spousal support for a lifestyle you have long grown accustomed to.

Keep the following in mind if you are an older man or woman considering divorce:

  • Keep your finances in order
  • Plan for financial security
  • Change your beneficiaries
  • Consider whether you can afford the marital home
  • Rely on friends and family for support
  • Ask for spousal support if necessary

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At Masella Law Firm, P.A., we understand that divorcing after 50 is a frightening prospect, because you weren't expecting to deal with such adversity, emotional stress, and abruptness at this point in time. While you may be wondering if staying married simply easier than to change things so drastically, our Columbia lawyers believe you deserve happiness no matter your stage in life.

Things will be difficult, but we can help make it easier. By relying on our determined and compassionate legal team, as well as a strong support system from your friends and family, you will survive this transition and come out of it feeling happier and more at peace than you were before.

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