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Tips for Summer Vacation & Child Custody Plans


Child custody can be complicated, but it becomes ever so complex in the event of summer and vacation time. During this time of year, your child is likely off from school and is therefore going to have a lot of free time on his or her hands. Instead of being at school, your child will have to find an alternative way or place to spend the day, and coming to an agreement can be difficult. What's most important in the case of vacation or the summer months is to figure out the details before any serious plans are made, so as to not create an environment of disagreement or contention.

The following tips may be of use to you in figuring out your summer vacation and child custody plan:

  • Set up and schedule and don't deviate – Once you and your spouse have finally come to a tentative agreement, the worst thing you can do is now decide to deviate from that plan. Changing those preset plans can only add more fuel to the fire regarding the relationship with your ex.
  • Don't violate your custody agreement – This can only result in issues for all involved. If you would like to take your child on vacation out of town or perhaps have them stay with you for an extended period of time, you may need to request a modification.
  • Allow communication – If your child was with your ex for 2 weeks, you would want to speak to your child as often as you could. Offer the same courtesy to your ex. With the advent of all this technology, it can be easy to video chat often, speak on the phone frequently, or even send a simple text every couple of hours.
  • Give adequate notice – We all know complications can arise and plans can be changed at the very last minute. In this case, notify your ex of changes as soon as possible, simply out of courtesy. The best decision you can make for your child during a divorce is maintain a great relationship with your ex-spouse, and that means treating him or her the way you wish to be treated.

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