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Construction Zone Accidents in Columbia, SC


Highways, city streets and residential roads can be under construction at any given time. Some roads and highways seem to be under construction for years while others are rarely under repair. Because of machinery, construction cones, narrowing lanes, and changes in traffic path, construction zones are inherently dangerous which is why they tend to be associated with a greater number of accidents.

“What can go wrong in a construction zone?” The question is more like, what can’t go wrong? Narrowing lanes can cause drivers to overcorrect and get in a crash. Distracted drivers can swerve to avoid hitting a cone, sending them into other cars. A lack of signage can wreak havoc, causing unsuspecting drivers to drive too fast for conditions or “freak out” when they suddenly discover that their lane has ended due to construction.

Who is to Blame in a Construction Zone?

It depends on the circumstances. If a driver was texting and that caused them to lose control and hit you, he or she may be legally at fault. If a drunk or drugged driver lost their mental and physical faculties due to alcohol or drugs and they caused an accident in a construction zone, again he or she may be liable.

On the other hand, it is possible that a government agency or construction company is liable for a crash. This is especially common in situations where there was inadequate signage warning motorists about the construction ahead. In some cases, there are numerous car accidents in a single location and this can be a direct indicator of a safety issue that created unsafe conditions.

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If someone was injured because another driver simply failed to take adequate precaution in the construction zone, they would file a personal injury claim against the other driver. But if the accident occurred because of unmarked road hazards or a lack of warning signs, there’s a possibility that the construction company or a government would be responsible for any damages sought in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

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