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How Could Your Job Schedule Affect a Child Custody Ruling?

Generally, a court wants child custody orders to be in the best interests of children. It can scrutinize every aspect of your life, weighing the impact on your kids.

Since your job schedule is a huge part of your day, it will naturally influence a court’s decisions in a child custody ruling.

Here are some ways that your job schedule can have a direct impact on your children, thereby affecting child custody orders.

Your Child’s Schooling

Courts take a child’s education seriously. They want to make sure the kids are attending regularly, and an adult will be around to help.

If you work nights, it may be difficult for you to oversee your child’s education. You may not be able to take them to school or pick them up, which means you must rely on bussing. This may or may not be a problem, depending on your location.

Just getting them up and ready could be a problem since it may cut in on your sleep schedule as well.

Your Child’s Healthcare

Kids with chronic health issues or special needs require constant attention. The adult must be on high alert at home, and they must be accessible for regular doctor visits.

Some jobs demand rigid attendance, offering no flexibility for parents. If your child has health concerns, you must be able to meet the demands of both your job and your children.

Home Life

Everyone knows that your work directly affects your home as well. If you have a crazy schedule, it may be difficult to keep the place clean and tidy. It also may be difficult to devote time to your children.

Parents help their kids by simply being present. They can assist with homework, talk the kids through problems, simply play and interact with them, and so much more.

If your job keeps you from managing your personal life, the court will notice. They want to make sure the kids can grow up in an environment where they flourish and spend quality time with their parents.

Extracurricular Activities

Remember, your kids’ lives extend beyond the home and the school. They have friends, family, athletics, sports, and many other important interests. This fact grows truer as the kids age.

Unfortunately, they can’t always access these activities on their own. They need someone to drop them off, pick them up, make sure the activities are safe, and so on. Moreover, they want you involved. When they make the goal or score the touchdown, they want to see you in the stands, cheering them on.

If your job keeps you from the kids’ extracurricular activities, the court will take notice.

Making Compromises

Before you decide to go to war for child custody, make an honest assessment of your life and your schedule. Ask yourself, “Can I provide the best environment for my kids to flourish?” If you have a rigid or off-hours job schedule, the answer might be, “No.”

Rather than armoring yourself for a fight, be ready to make compromises. Remember, your child’s best interests are most important. You may still be able to gain partial custody for your off hours, and visitation is still an option. In fact, you can even schedule phone calls or video chats, which count as official visitations in your parenting plan.

Keep your kids’ needs first, and you can continue a healthy, fruitful relationship with them, no matter how your divorce concludes.

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