Financial Tips for Your ...

Financial Tips for Your Divorce

Don't be fooled by what you hear. There are things that you can do to help your divorce run smoother. For starters, you want to know where you stand financially. Obtain a free credit report so that you know what you are working with, but don't try to get your spouse's report since it is a violation of federal law. Not everyone regularly checks their credit report so depending on where you stand you may be in a better position than you thought, or your situation may be more delicate than what you expected.

You also want to start separating your finances from your spouse's and this can help make the transition smoother down the road. If you have a joint credit card or debit card, stop using it if you can. Try switching your finances to your own account and use this as your source of payment. You will eventually need to be dividing assets so start gathering information on them and if possible, have the values appraised so you know the worth of things such as real estate.

Speak with your insurance company and find out what your options are for when you separate. You want to prepare so that you are not left uninsured or with a plan that provides inadequate coverage. The decisions that you make could also influence your coverage so speak with your insurance company so that you can make educated decisions. Make sure that you consider the changes of your relationship in any wills, trusts, healthcare directives or life insurance policies. If you are working, your W-4 form should also be adjusted to show your new status. Make sure that you are upfront with your finances since withholding any information can be discovered. For further assistance in the financial aspects of your divorce, get in touch with our Columbia divorce lawyer.

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