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How Truck Driver Fatigue is Contributing to More Accidents


When it comes to truck accidents in the United States, the most common cause of these crashes is driver error. Furthermore, one of the leading factors associated with accidents involving driver error is fatigue. Driver fatigue is considered the main reason behind collision involving commercial trucks and a passenger vehicle.

Falling asleep or feeling drowsy behind the wheel can result in unnecessary risks and can often lead to collisions. The trucker's physical or mental exhaustion is often the main reason behind fatigue driver accidents.

Strict deadlines, unrealistic schedules, and the expectations of trucking companies that encourage drivers to hurry are the contributing factors behind a truck driver's physical or mental exhaustion. These factors combined with other factors, such as driver experience, inclement weather conditions, highway conditions, and vehicle design, etc. can increase the risk of a crash.

Suffered an Injury Caused by a Drowsy Trucker?

As truck drivers rush to meet their tough deadlines, they are more prone to causing accidents. Fatalities and the physical, emotional, and financial pain associated with such crashes can be avoided and prevented if proper precautions and adjustments are made in relation to commercial trucks, the trucking company, and their drivers.

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