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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding on Divorce


More than half of all marriages in the country end in divorce, which is a discouragingly high rate. Before you decide to become part of this statistic, you might want to take some time to ask yourself some questions and determine if divorce is truly the best option for you and your spouse.

Here are some questions that can help set you on the right path toward making the best decision for your circumstances:

  1. Did you do everything within your power to save your marriage? Making a marriage work will sometimes require more effort than usual, so before you decide to call it quits, ask yourself if you put in that effort. Did you exhaust all of your options, including seeking the help of a marriage counselor, or reading a self-help book? You should also examine your own role in the disintegration of your marriage. If a fight sparked this chain of events, ask yourself if it is worth it.
  2. Is there unfinished emotional business? To truly determine if you are ready for a divorce, you are going to have to have a real moment of honesty with yourself. If you believe you can leave your spouse without any anger, frustration, or resentment, you are ready. If you are still hurt, scared, confused, or even in love with your spouse, you are not ready to make this life-altering decision.
  3. Have you done the necessary research, planning, and preparation to move forward with a divorce? Divorce is not just an emotional decision, but a complicated one that involves several factors, including money, custody issues, child and spousal support, and other tricky legal aspects. Educate yourself on what is required to protect and empower yourself throughout this process because, without this information, you are not really ready for what comes next.
  4. Are you ready to be a co-parent? If you share children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, divorce is not the end of your relationship. You will still need to work together as co-parents. It is in the best interests of your children if you can make your relationship as co-parents work with civility and respect. If you are considering a divorce, now is the time to also prepare yourself to be ready to set aside whatever emotions you might feel regarding your spouse and put your children's needs above your own.

Columbia, SC Divorce Attorney

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