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How Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case


Social media is an outlet for you to share your experiences and thoughts with friends and followers. Some of the most common social posts, however, can actually hurt your personal injury claim. Learn the dangers of using social media while pursuing an injury claim.

The Dangers of Using Social Media

Even if your privacy settings are restricted, any post you make, or your friends make, on social media is considered “public information,” and is therefore usable in the court of law. Insurance companies will try to pay you the least amount of money possible for your injury. With the help of an adjuster, the insurance company will research and collect any evidence they can, including your social media, to question the severity of your claim.

Contradicts Your Own Testimony

The compensation you can receive from your injury claim can help cover your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. If your posts indicate that you are “enjoying life” or “having fun,” an insurance adjuster can argue that you are overexaggerating the extent of your pain and suffering; that you do not need the full amount of compensation your injury is actually worth.

Shows Your Physical Ability

Posting something on social media that features your physical wellbeing can hurt your injury case. For example, if you broke your ankle, but post about how you played in a pick-up basketball game, an insurance adjuster can argue that the seriousness of your injury isn’t what you claimed it was.

Indicates Traveling or Activity

If you claim your injury prevents you from returning to work or limits your mobility, you may not want to post your latest vacation or adventure photos. Whether or not you are physically able to participate in a certain activity, a post can insinuate that your injury is minimal and does not constitute a claim. For example, a photo of you in rock climbing gear suggests that you were physically able to rock climb at the time the photo was taken. Even if you did not actually participate in rock climbing, an insurance adjuster can use this as evidence against your injury claim.

Allows Others to Comment on Your Case

Even if you are extremely careful about what you post on social media, your friends or family may not be. Should someone post something that diminishes the severity of your injury, it may affect your claim. For example, a friend commenting, “Had so much fun at yoga with you!” does not support the fact that you are suffering from a leg injury.

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